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The passion behind the building of this brand comes from the brand name itself - Not Yet Made.


After building out a Made-to-Measure brand name throughout China's biggest cities, we stumbled upon a large amount of wasteful and poor quality brand and manufacturing clothing processes. Contrary to press releases from these large International manufacturers, fast fashion and Men's Formalwear is not becoming sustainable or less wasteful. 

Thanks to the explosion in superior quality Bespoke and Made-to-Measure Menswear houses like B&Tailor; Sexton; Henry Poole; Cifonelli; Liverano to MTM brands like Prologue HK; The Anthology; Saman Amel; and Drakes, consumers have never been more spoiled for choice when it comes to high levels of construction and fashion-forward styles and designs.


Our founding team took lots of inspiration from this but were becoming more and more frustrated at the relatively higher prices involved with these brands. It's completely fair to say that the prices are warranted, considering the countless hours that go into the development of the cutting, assembling and finishing of their end garments. However, we still felt like there should be an option for gents lower down on the budget ladder to be able to gain access to some of the wonderful design work that comes out of these houses. 

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It was a marriage of the first and second points that led us to develop Not Yet Made. By crafting items only when the customer requires them, we dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of fast fashion. Through this method, we are free from the shackles of the "stock" model, and subsequently, free to explore any direction in design, cloth or pattern cutting that our customers are urging us to take.


With no financial exposure to changing trends in cloth or fixed designs, we not only build our brand in a more financially sustainable manner but also avail of considerable cost savings, which, if you are familiar with the pricing of our garments, will notice is directly passed on to the consumer.


As it should be. 

Our dream is that one day we can show Men across the World, that it is possible to subscribe to a form of fast fashion. It does not need to be the framework of the large houses, but in fact, a far more sustainable one, in both environmental and financial standpoints.


Men can have garments that fit them properly. They can have options to a vast array of designs. They do not need to pay for shipping, VAT or sneaky customs. And best of all: they can get all of this for a price that they can afford.


We hope to be the entry point for Men on their way to the Attolini's and Chad Prom's of the World. 

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We are Not Yet Made


Garments made when you need them, in the latest styles at pricing that you can afford.

The Not Yet Made Team