What is NYM?

Not Yet Made is a RTW brand aimed at guys who chase new styles and enjoy clothing being made in natural textile cloths. We have been inspired by the respective Bespoke makers around the globe and our passion, is to try to bring as much essence of these hand-finished, Bespoke garments, and make them available as an affordable RTW product.

The brand will be a destination for guys looking to continually refresh their style of looks and also variety of cloths, taking inspiration from Bespoke makers around the world and infusing this into a garment made just for you.

Why we launched the brand?

We launched the brand after growing our Made-to-Measure stores throughout Asia. Whilst Made-to-Measure is a wonderful experience and a superb gateway to the world of Bespoke garments, we were always annoyed at how underserved the Menswear RTW was.

It was critical for us that we launch the brand in the most sustainable method possible, and so, this is why we choose to make all our garments from scratch with the paying gentleman in mind. Our dream is to encourage the fashion corporations to make the switch from huge volume orders and global stocking requirements, to a lean, just-in-time or made-to-order supply chain.

Through our private owned workshop, we will be delivering made-to-order garments throughout the world in under 16 days.

Why are we so good?

Three reasons really:

1. We own our factory.

2. We build the technology ourselves.

3. We let robotics do the dirty work - hello automation and lowered costs.

What fabrics do we use?

Our very own NYM sourced natural fiber House collection.

For our Premium garments, only the best: Holland & Sherry Savile Row's diverse and exquisite cloths from many of their collections.

What separates NYM from the rest?

We make on demand. No stock. No wastage. Made-to-order, just for you.

Our live tailor. Interested customers will be able to avail of our live advisor online, who can help you find the right size with us by cross-checking sizes of other brands, can help you take a basic measurement and if you need, can also help you make measurement tweaks to your order before we make it, pushing the RTW fit curve as close as possible to the MTM one.

Our usage of Holland & Sherry’s extremely premium natural fiber cloths. A level of construction that the fashion houses would only dream of.

What can I expect from NYM products?

  • The latest style trends.
  • The World’s best fabric through our exclusive partner – Holland & Sherry Savile Row
  • Garment construction at a MTM level (hand-finishing’s, half-linings, Bemberg sleeves, shanked buttons, higher arm-holes, and much more)
  • The best pricing in the world. Per construction and fabric comparison, we will not be beaten on value.

Why we don’t hold any stock?/ What is Made-to-Order?

The last thing this world needs is another fashion brand pushing new styles and inventory.

Our goal is to make all garments on demand, to not only dramatically reduce the level of wastage that occurs in the standard production process, but also, to better serve the end customer.

By not committing to a traditional retail stock model, we are flexible to test various styles in various fabrics with a range of guys, constantly iterating to see what cloth in what design sells best. This allows us to take the design process to a higher level and offer advanced customisations on styles and cloths we quantitatively know are popular. Instead of us setting trends and fixing styles, we will let our customers tell us what they want and then go make it for them.

We will produce orders on demand, for whomever wants them. This is Made-to-Order.

How can I pay?

  • Debit card

  • Credit card

Can I change or cancel my order when my order is placed?

If your order is placed in the shopping cart, it can be changed or deleted at anytime. If, however, your order is paid in full, you will have 60 minutes from the time of order placement to make the cancellation. The reason for this is due to our automation of all orders. Please make sure you are 100% sure about the garment order you are placing.

Can I personalise the products I buy online?

You can!

Measurement tweaks can be made to existing sizes from the product sizing charts. We are also in the process of releasing our Custom Program for Beta testing and in time, the ability to custom create garments online will be the norm for all of our customers.

How do I choose the right size?

1. Measure your chest size in CM with a tape. Whatever the result, divide it by two. That is your jacket size.

2. Measure your waist size in CM with a tape. Whatever the result, that is your trouser waist size.


How do we ship our NYM garments?

Now we're talking!

All garments are shipped using a corrugated boxing system. Garments are professionally folded and inserted in a dust bag, which is then softly placed inside a 100% recyclable corrugated box.

Your garment will arrive with very minimal creasing and in most cases, should be wearable straight out of the box.

How fast can we get items to your door?

  • Our delivery times vary based on the product you have purchased.
  • Our House garments are delivered in 12-13 days anywhere around the world

Holland & Sherry garments are delivered within 14-16 days anywhere around the world.

Do I need to pay customs duties on my order?

We ship all our garments from our main distribution center in Asia. This means that any goods arriving into the European Union, United States of America, Middle East, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, will all be liable for customs duties. The range of duties goes from €0 - €35, depending on the specific cloth your garment is made in.

The good news is: We will pay for all your customs duty costs. How awesome is that! You will need to settle the bill upfront with the local courier. Refunds are processed in 24-48 hours and all you need to do is take a photo of the UPS COD tag and send it to Patrick, our online chat service, along with your receiving bank details. We also accept PayPal accounts for making refunds too, if you prefer to use that instead of your bank.

Is VAT included in my order price?


The good news is: We will pay for all your VAT costs. How awesome is that!

You will need to settle the bill upfront with the local courier though. Refunds are processed in 24-48 hours and all you need to do is take a photo of the UPS COD tag and send it to Patrick, our online chat service, along with your receiving bank details.

We also accept PayPal accounts for making refunds too, if you prefer to use that instead of your bank.

How do I know that my order is shipped?

You can track all your orders in your online store account. We also send shipment notifications to the registered email so that our customers can follow their orders as UPS updates their system.

Can I alter my delivery address after I’ve placed my order?

You can alter your delivery address right up until the garment is shipped. If you need to alter your delivery address after the garment is shipped, this will not be possible.

UPS are unable to deliver my order, what can I do?

Typically UPS will give a reason for why they are unable to deliver your order. The most effective way to handle UPS deliveries when they have arrived in their last-mile stage is to connect directly with the local UPS delivery service. If, however, you feel that the problem occurring is a serious one and you need our support, please immediately get in touch with a live customer advisor or support team member

Why haven't I received my parcel?

Have you entered the right tracking code? Perhaps the delivery is stuck in customs. The delivery might have been unsuccessful because no one was present at your delivery location. If you think the problem is more serious than this, please immediately get in touch with a live customer advisor or support team member.

Do you ship to my country?

We are happy to deliver your orders anywhere in the world that support UPS delivery. This includes 220 countries worldwide. Please make sure to enter the correct delivery address of where you want your garment to be shipped during the checkout process.


What if I don’t like what I ordered?

We work very hard to make the user experience on our online store as simple and as clear as possible. Our store sketches are for style and colour inspiration, while the high resolution cloth of each look is available to give our guys the chance to view the fabric in as clear a resolution as possible.

Unfortunately, if you have ordered a garment and did not like the cloth or design of it after arrival, you will not be able to return this garment for a refund. We have a dedicated online customer service system – Patrick – and we also have a Live tailor feature, which is available to any guy who is interested in using it.

We are conscious of the negative affect customer returns is having on the environment worldwide and will continue to create as many solutions as possible to offer our online customers size assistance, style assistance and body recommendations.

What if I don’t like the fit of what I ordered?

The fit of a garment is very important and we take it quite seriously. This is why we created our Live Tailor feature – the ability to talk with our expert advisor on all things fit, style and cloth related.

We have also worked very hard on creating accurate fitting sizes. These sizing charts are available on every product page.

Through the Live Tailor feature, we also welcome our customers to notify us of their size and also if they would like to make an edit or tweak to this measurement (sleeve shorter, stomach tighter, shoulder wider).

If, after availing of the above services, your end arrival garment is still not up to your high standards on fitting, we also offer a tailoring credit note that you can use towards having the garment fits touched up to your liking. For credit values per product, please see below:

3-Piece Suiting = €70
2-Piece Suiting = €50
Jacketing = €30

Regardless of whether you used our online services, sizing chart or just went ahead and made a direct purchase, we will not be able to accept refunds of garments because you do not like the fit of the garment. We offer a huge variety of various cloths on our store and each specific cloth has it’s own way of draping.

A European 48 Jacket made in Cape Horn Lightweight S100 wool will differ to that same European 48 Jacket made in Irish Linen. These factors are not controllable within 2cm and drapes will differ based on various cloths.

What if I received an incorrect order?

Not a great experience! We take this type of error quite seriously and will rectify it with a direct replacement of the correct order. However, please be rest assured, we have multiple checking systems in place for this.

What if I received a garment and it was faulty?

First of all, we are sorry. Receiving a garment or having a garment become faulty over time is a horrible experience and ruins your fun with our brand. We want to avoid this at all costs, but sometimes, it may happen.

If the garment was faulty or not fit for use upon arrival, please contact our customer support via Patrick/Email/WhatsApp. We will organise for a return of this garment immediately for you and offer you a replacement in express time.

If the garment became faulty within a 90-day use period, please get back in touch with our customer support team to share your experience and describe the fault in greater detail. Faults within a 90-day use period will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

If the garment became faulty after the 90-day use period, please still get back in touch with our customer support team. We will do our very best to help you solve the issue and provide support wherever you need it.

After 90-days, the product will not qualify for a return as the use period has been surpassed.

How do I make a return?

To make a return, please contact our online customer support – Patrick – or connect with a live agent on our WhatsApp.

What are the return conditions?

We offer returns for the following scenarios:

  • Goods arrived were faulty
  • Goods arrived were incorrect and did not match placed order

We do not offer returns for the following scenarios:

  • Did not like the fit of the garment upon receiving
  • Did not like the feel of the fabric upon arrival
  • Did not like the colour of the fabric upon arrival
  • Changed your mind for an unknown reason

How long does it take for you to process my return?

The collection of the return typically happens within 24-48 hours.

How much is the return shipping?

Return shipping is free. If you qualify for a return based on the Return Conditions, returns are on us.

How do I organise the return?

No worries, if you qualify for a return based on our Return Conditions, we will organise the whole return for you. We will communicate effectively with you on the process for the UPS pickup.


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