MADE-TO-ORDER | What does it mean? 

Made-to-Order basically means that the item was made because you wanted it. If you did not purchase it, it would not exist. 

There are obvious cost and time trade-offs with having items Made-to-Order, in that it will be more expensive than Ready-to-Wear pre-made pieces and you will need to wait for your Made-to-Order piece to get produced and shipped to you.

The benefits we think far outweigh the trade-offs. First off, it's definitely better for the environment. This is not to say that producing Made-to-Order garments makes one carbon free, it definitely does not. However the level of wastage avoided through avoiding millions of unsold SKUs, out of season styles or poor performing sales regions was enough to make the NYM team decide on MTO versus traditional RTW.

Then comes the fashion element. Thanks to a zero stocking model, we have the freedom to change designs and fabric cloth at a whim. If our Invert lapel is not as popular as we forecasted, no worries, let's swap it out for more classical Notch lapels. If we can't make enough Holland & Sherry Hopsack Blazers, no problem, let's get more cloths online in various colours to give our guys more selection. We like to think that this is what fast-fashion should have been about. Not what it currently is.

Finally we have measurements. As garments are produced piece by piece, we are not subscribed to one fixed pattern block per se. Our 48 jacket block will be used to produce 48 Jacket orders, but if one of our customers wants to reach out and re-tailor the block for a slimmer waist, shorter arm, wider back and tighter arm-hole - go for it! We are quite capable at producing piece orders at volume in a sustainable environment. Letting guys adjust our blocks for better fits is something we hope becomes the norm, not the outlier. 


Definitely not! 

Made-to-Order refers to a business model of producing items. Made-to-Measure refers to how you actually get your garments crafted for you. Specifically:

                                    Measurements + Manipulated block pattern = Made-to Measure. 

There are many various versions of Made-to-Measure, which we definitely will not be going into here.
Suffice to say that NYM operates a Made-to-Order business model using fixed-sized block patterns that are modelled on a Made-to-Measure brand. In other words, the block patterns are on-point. 

By using Patrick to adjust our block patterns during the checkout phase of ordering can be argued is a 'form' of Made-to-Measure, but is absolutely incomparable to some of the brilliant Made-to-Measure offerings from brands like Prologue HK, Atelier Saman Amel, The Armoury, ETC and more. 

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