Available sizes: 38 - 45.

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Penny Loafers, like most of their footwear brothers and sisters, stems from a long and very interesting history. The design of this specific loafer itself originates in Norway, with a dairy farmer using slip-on versions because of the convenience they offered. The shoe design was picked up by an American shoemaker in the late 1930s (also picked up by Esquire magazine), where they also got their loafer name, originating from the dairy farm in Norway where the cows ‘loafed’ around. The lip-like detail found on the shoe strap, as history tells it, was inspired because the American owner’s wife would kiss him goodbye every morning before he set off for work. (G.H. Bass Shoe Company).


The slip-on became very popular with boys and girls back in the day, as sneakers were not yet produced. But during the 1940s and the 1950s, wearers of loafers actually stuck dimes in the lip-like slots on the strap. Mobile phones were not yet available then, and those two dimes were equivalent to the cost of a phone call from a pay phone booth. The tightness of the slots on the shoes kept those precious dimes from getting lost. It was not until the 1960s when the trend to call the shoe penny loafers began. Actually, the trend was set off by the younger set that started to slip a penny in each of the slots. It became like a fashion statement that caught on real quick.


Editor's tip: These shoes are an ideal pairing with Spring and Summer clothing (no socks) and the gentlemen’s trousers should be adjusted to rise slightly higher than normal to allow for a clean trouser break.




  • Calf Leather
  • Half rubber half leather sole
  • 2-year warranty