A brother to the Stirling Jacket, the Perth is a more toned down version of it's brother, offering the wearer more chances to take this garment out for admiring. The mesh weave on show from Holland & Sherry is superb in the simple fact that it's just not available in any suiting stores, allowing the purchaser a little sense of originality. Extremely breathable in hotter climates, the mesh weave is a looser one, allowing a greater amount of air to flow through the jacket.


Editor's note: Enquire with your live tailor (or Patrick) as to the feasibility of squeezing the arm-hole in the jacket smaller, increasing the bicep and giving a really Bespoke-type of feature to jacket (higher armholes).   



Holland & Sherry Mesh Collection (UK)

  • Jacket
  • Pure 100% Merino Wool
  • 280gr / 9oz (Summer, Spring, Autumn)
  • Half Canvassed construction
  • Bemberg Sleeve Lining
  • Felt Collar


Care Instructions

  • Do Not Wash
  • Iron Medium Heat
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Dry Clean Only (Once a year)