From afar, the Rotterdam may seem like any other blue suit, but step up close and you can really appreciate the intricate detailing of the fabric weave. We really do love this Holland & Sherry fabric as it allows gents of a more conservative nature, to be a little more adventurous when commissioning their very own MTO garment. Its design may also seem conservative in nature, but don't be misguided, there's nothing timid about those 10cm wide Notch lapels.


Editor's tip: the fabric is an excellent choice for a business suit or casual blazer, and can be easily paired with any dark jeans or pants. Just swap the shirt and tie, for a turtleneck or simple t-shirt.



Holland & Sherry Cape Horn Lightweight (ENG)

  • Jacket & Trousers
  • Merino wool
  • 260gr (4 seasons)
  • Bemberg, Satin, Silk lining
  • Felt Collar