All our garments are produced using a Made-to-Order system. In other words, we are crafting the garment just for you. Through our 'Live Tailor' service, you will have the chance to discuss the fit and style of the specific garment you are commissioning. You will have many chances to confirm the details of your order. Once the order is confirmed and you have paid successfully, we will be unable to fulfil on any returns because of a change of mind or a dislike to the final delivered goods.

If, however, you have commissioned us to create a garment in a certain size, cloth or design and, we have otherwise delivered something different, we absolutely will offer every solution available to rectify this issue for you. Furthermore, if you receive a garment that slipped past quality control and has a manufacturing defect, we take this very seriously and you can expect a swift response from us regarding issues of quality.​


Similar to the reasoning behind our Returns policy, all of our garments are Made-to-Order. Especially for you. Our customer support team, through Patrick and our 'Live Tailor' feature, will go to extreme lengths to provide you with a fantastic customer service. This means explanations of cuts, fabrics, and styles, so that you are totally informed before you make your final decision. We have made a special effort to ensure all our imagery of cloth fabrics uploaded to the website are of the highest resolution possible and accurately resemble that of the cloth in real-life. 

If you do not like the finished garment when it arrives into your hands, we are very sorry about this. It is a sad moment, but it's one we will be unable to assist with. ​


Although we can't really help if you don't like the cloth or style, we can help if you are having fitting issues.

Our goal from the beginning was to ensure our customers receive fits worthy of the Tailoring industry. There is only so much a ready-to-wear size can achieve for a Man, even if he has asked Patrick to tweak his measurements slightly.

This is why we include free Alteration credit with all orders. Credit comes in the following limits:

  • 3-Piece Suiting = €70

  • 2-Piece Suiting = €50

  • Jacketing = €30

Our cuts are already pretty darn good, plus you also get the added benefit of tweaking our sizing chart to tailor the garment for yourself before we make it from scratch for you, but if the garment arrives and still needs a tweak, our free Alteration credit should be more than enough to rectify that issue.  

If you are looking to apply for Alteration credit, please do so through Patrick in the below chat.




Shipping is free on all Jackets and Suits. That's pretty much it, enjoy!


Nobody likes paying for surprise charges, especially when you've been waiting all those 12 days for your NYM Made-to-Order items to arrive. 

To make sure all our customers pay for only the price they see on our website, we promise to pay for all Value-Added-Tax (VAT) charges, including Custom Duties as well. How awesome is that? 

The downside is, you will need to pay the UPS delivery person first and then submit this cost to Patrick in the below chat. You can do this by taking a clear photo on your mobile phone and uploading it to Patrick, along with your name and order number.

The surcharge amount will be deposited into your account within 24-48 hours of photo submission.